Sound Panel
Acoustic comfort for rooms

A marked passion for research and human-centric approach to technological innovation are the key features of SOUND, the next-gen sound-absorbing panel. Sound-absorbing panels have a spongy, low-density consistency, and work by limiting excessive acoustic interference in closed spaces. Reverb, rumbling and echoes are all absorbed by SOUND’s sound-absorbing material which - with a thickness of just 2 centimetres - combines acoustic compatibility with the style of wood, all with the addition of holes which absorb sound waves and therefore noise, improving the quality of the acoustics of the space.


A minimalistic design for purified acoustics. Having high-quality sound in the work environment is of paramount importance. SOUND offers modular solutions suitable for any type of professional environment.

PANEL SYSTEM. Sistema di pannelli divisori fonoassorbenti.


Just a few fundamental elements, packed with personality and carefully-chosen details, transform the sound- absorbing material of SOUND into the perfect furnishing for the finest dining spaces.

Living area

Adequate acoustic absorption designed to suit the private environment of living spaces. SOUND is also suitable for large residential areas and open-plan living contexts.

SOUND GLASS come complemento d’arredo

Adaptable, scalable, modular
The silent revolution of acoustics

A charming design for an innovative acoustic solution that becomes a piece of furniture. SOUND is a modular product that can be adapted to any indoor environment. Created with sound-absorbing material enclosed in a smooth shell, hygienic and odourless, SOUND sound-absorbing panels have been designed as six different categories, all of which are modular and adaptable to different surfaces. Whether wall-mounted, suspended or stuck to glass, the panels are recyclable and environmentally sustainable, in line with a new idea of refined acoustics. The highly stylish modular component allows users to express their creativity by playing with the modules, seeking out spaces that are functional in terms of sound.