Crystal-clear acoustics

Pannelli fonoassorbenti Sound


SOUND GLASS anti-noise panels were designed according to a new vision of sound-absorbing barriers that explore the limits of sound by improving its quality, all without compromising on a tasteful style that transform the acoustic panel into a unique piece of furniture, in the frame of the glass surfaces to which they can be applied.
In line with their absorption of acoustic disturbance, SOUND GLASS panels provide greater privacy and discretion thanks to the visual protection offered by the face that they are designed to be applied to glass. These anti-noise panels have a hidden rear support which, once installed, remains hidden behind the panel, ensuring discretion and ease of installation all rolled into one.
A new vision of acoustics with SOUND GLASS, which makes areas that are usually noisy, annoying and lacking in privacy into veritable havens, all in a crystalline frame offered by its application to glass, for total comfort and balance between acoustics and aesthetics, without compromising on the transparency of the windows in rooms and hallways.


SOUND GLASS anti-noise panels are equipped with a hidden rear fixing support which is quick and easy to install. The area of application, which is highly reflective, is located in a comfortable and discreet area without affecting the transparency of the glass, making the article a stylish furnishing element for a unique sense of comfort in the space. Affixing the sound-absorbing barriers has been made a simple and speedy process: the panel-to-glass connection system guarantees the panel’s stability and is easy to remove and transport thanks to its pressure-based fixing system. The fixing system is made up of an anti-vibration membrane and a quick- to-fit support that secures the fixings of the panel to its structural component. Once installed on the glass, the fixture system disappears completely when viewed from the front.

Panel sizes

The system of sound-absorbing barriers is made up of a series of acoustic panels of just 20mm thick, which can be applied vertically or horizontally, stick to walls using high-strength double-sided adhesive, and is made up of an anti-vibration membrane and a quick-to-fit support that, by simply applying pressure, secures the fixings of the panel to its structural component.


Through the components that enable the separation of the anti-noise panels from the supporting surface, the panel delivers its performance on both sides, reducing the number of panels you need to comfortably furnish a common space. The lightness of the glass fixture is synthesised in the invisibility of its anchoring components through dual-component glues, specific application to UV rays or high-strength double-sided adhesives in the gap between the metal structure and the glass surface.

SOUND GLASS come complemento d’arredo


SOUND GLASS is designed as a real piece of furniture for offices, private homes or the restaurant industry. The aim was to create the most realistic blend between a new vision of the sound-absorbing panel and the function of restoring the perception of high-quality sound. Attention to detail when creating hidden fixtures or fixtures that are harmoniously absorbed by their surroundings respect the design line of a product that aims to refine the sound in an area. For prompt and thorough maintenance, SOUND GLASS anti-noise panels can easily be removed without the need for tools, so the glass surfaces can be cleaned. The horizontal painted metal support, located on the rear of the panel, means that any maintenance is not at all invasive for the space, ensuring that the state of the sound-absorbing barriers can always be checked quickly and easily.







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