Restaurants, local bars and bistros are the quintessential meeting places, where conviviality and sociality bring life to spaces and culinary experiences. In these circumstances, the quality of the acoustics becomes key to how pleasant the moment of sharing is to experience. Patrons must be welcomed appropriately in order to ensure that there is a balanced acoustic ambience which allows shared experiences, yet room for privacy. That is why SOUND has been created in shapes, colours and applications that are functionally and aesthetically suitable for the various ambiences of the restaurant industry, all so as to help diners create treasured memories.


A comfortable and private ambience will offer customers just the right sort of welcome to make them want to come back, as they find a venue that is cosy but not noisy, lively but not invasive. In the restaurant industry, the need to refine the acoustics of the space is dictated by the need to offer your patrons pleasant experiences, but also by the urgency of the work itself: the lively pace of both the kitchen and front of house requires communication to work perfectly for seamless exchanges of information. SOUND was designed with particular attention to the world of food service: in line with the idea of a highly stylish product, the aim is to protect the customers’ privacy and make the workflow run smoothly without impinging upon the constrained spaces, especially in a view to optimising working performance.


With its wide range of shape and colour options, SOUND is a fully-fledged design tool. Free shapes, circles or rectangles make the space configurable, stimulating the creativity of architects and professionals. Designers are free to use their imagination and make multicolour scenery. We have designed a range of different solutions for restaurants: an acoustic comfort system that offers creative sound spaces, such as floating acoustic islands, offering a different kind of solution from false ceilings, even with ceilings for differing heights. Made in triangular, round or rectangular versions, SOUND sound-absorbing panels have a striking design which immediately catches the eye, for a high-impact scenic design effect.