The importance of high-quality acoustics in a working environment is paramount: acoustic interference is a major source of disturbance for effective communication, with significant knock-on effects on the wellbeing of the professionals who work there. SOUND is the sound-absorbing panel that resolves the issues related to acoustics in the workplace and is available in different variants and sizes, allowing you to functionally reorganise the spaces in offices, open-plan spaces and meeting rooms. These sound-absorbing dividing panels for offices offer the ideal acoustic solution in a stable yet impermanent fashion: DESK, WALL, SOUND SYSTEM, GLASS - these are just some of the SOUND solutions suggested to overhaul a working environment into an acoustically-harmonised space, with a flexible final result and a visual impact that blends in.


By separating work surfaces and areas, the panel delivers the sort of acoustic comfort and level of concentration that is so highly sought-after in a professional environment. Discreet, comfortable and fairly compact, SOUND acoustic panels can be set up in any shared space: on desks, applied to walls and windows, suspended from the ceiling, vertical or horizontal. The way space is managed using the multiple modularity
of the panels allows users greater privacy and a cosier atmosphere, according to the range of professional situations it can be used for.


To redesign working spaces with a view to improving acoustic absorption, we have designed a system of using the panels in a simple and easily rearrangeable way. A hidden mechanism creates a space between the panel and its support surface, allowing you to improve the acoustic performance of your chosen area without making permanent alterations to the building. The supporting fixings are removable and specific to every category, guaranteeing that the panel is stable and its structure remains universal. High-strength materials and a simple design that lends itself to any possible use.